Philip Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a modern-day retelling of the Dickensian falsehood of Christmas' past, present, and in store in a mediate genus New England location is a rest delicacy for readers of all ages. The vital principle of the artistic message is inventively unraveled in a more up to date but commonly serious substance of the experiences of a blighted simultaneous Scrooge named Thomas as he "sees" Christmas with his character guides.

The classic unfolding of the enthusiasm of a plagued and awfully ill-spirited youthful man faced near the results of his own self-serving whereabouts is wittily stratified next to messages aimed at the socially unaccountable of our own being and present time. A Maine Christmas Carol is a uncontrolled tale of the problems of liberal society moved out to be alive unrestrained and control incomprehensible.

Through the opinion of the psyche guides, Thomas sees that piece he is not culpable for the exuberance of others, his schedule do overwhelmingly contact all those who come with in experience near him. From the regional retail store owners to his eight-year-old sister, his exploits check out of a insightful and unending indication. Even much damning to minute is the tsunami-like current feeling his acts, deeds, and demand of feat has on those he will never gather round. What he does not do near his existence is purely as focal as what he has through so far in his 16 time of life.

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In Harris' A Maine Christmas Carol, a new domestic norm is born. The soft colloquial message style, the reasonable gush of the story, and the twirl to the ingenious romance makes this publication a new classical that will go on the shelves authority side by side to Dickens' first quality chronicle. Harris does a fantastic job of stumbling Thomas' scholarly suffer of delivery beside the underlying themes of civic justness and impecuniousness.

A Maine Christmas Carol is explicit in demonstrating the tie of the advantaged genus in our country who has unsuccessful to code the municipal issues facing our social group. Philip Harris has evidently and unequivocally produced a moneyed apologue that redefines the rush of Christmas to a new social group of readers.

A Maine Christmas Carol

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Philip F. Harris

Publication Date: Cambridge Books 2007



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