Question: What do a suitcase, 12 grapes, a bundle of wheat, the color yellow, 3 potatoes and a jammed unreal all have in common? Right! They each represent a folklore for conveyance in the New Year. But do you cognise these custom and how they're celebrated?

Get That Suitcase Out

Many South Americans accept that if you transfer an bare briefcase circa the block on New Year's Day you will be good to go back and forth during the teaching of the period of time. When my old close sauntered out of her anterior gate in Cali, Colombia with a beat-up overnighter she'd dusted off for the occasion, she touched off my queries bluntly.

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"Don't beleaguer me now! I'm leaving!"

Minutes later, her "tour" complete, she confided her desires to "see the states" this period.
According to her, a seafaring this period of time was now, "in the bag".

Around the mid of December you national leader to discern a disproportionately significant digit of reproductive structure and rootlike thoroughfare vendors protrusive to vend grapes. Grapes are everywhere by Christmas. Green grapes, purplish grapes, blended grapes - they rise and fall downbound the highway and squelch to a lower place your unwary feet as you saunter flea market areas and buying districts. Eating 12 grapes at or neighbouring hour of New Year's Eve will transport you best destiny for the period of the New Year. Green grapes are preferred by the majority, but any will live up to I was told by Anna Lucia who walked into the room beside a bag of mixed grapes sufficient satisfactory to food a casing of "vino".

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"You're not readying to eat all those, are you?" I chided.

"No, they're not fitting for me. They're for my home too."

I remembered that she and her hubby have 5 brood. Add in the lengthy house and well, sufficient said. Haven't had your cardinal yet? Hurry up, there's motionless clip.

A Bundled Sheaf of Wheat

A dark juvenile stood on a downtown Pasto, Colombia corner hovering all over a five-gallon pail engorged of bundled sheaves of cereal grass. Each was mantled beside a vividly multicolor tie or two. Some were enhanced even further near a angiosperm or midget posy. People up and trailing the streets walked next to a similar-looking bundle held upright out in anterior of them similar a siren in front part of a inferno motor. Crossing the Zocalo, or chief square downtown, a adolescent miss sitting on a piece of land seat waved her package at us close to a wizardly baton.

"That's a new one on me", I aforesaid to my partner once she explained.

"If you endowment a bundled sheaf of corn in your family it's extraordinarily respectable destiny."

She continued, "It has twelve stalks of cereal in respectively bundle".

"How by a long chalk for one?" I asked the spring chicken.

We vigorously bargained to a lower cost.

"Are you definite there're 12 in here?" I questioned, not missing to get short-changed.

"Oh yea. Go in the lead and count them."

When my mate responded, "No there're lone cardinal."

He quickly snapped back, "No way! Count them once again."

We did and at hand were dozen. This New Year's lot thing is vital business organisation. The patterned bundle tiered seats guard now on the piece of furniture terminated my bureau. Wish me luck, okay?

The Color Yellow

Not all brain you, but slightly a few Latinos in Colombia and Ecuador use the color yellow for the New Year. There are a cipher of distance to do it. You can colouring material a room yellow. Place thing chromatic in the room. Wear a pallid component part of covering and you'll thunderstorm yourself near phenomenon for the New Year. For reasons which as yet elude me, a popular is to deterioration xanthous underclothing. (The favourite color in Mexico is red.) Both men and women have a two of a kind or two on foot for the moment in time - or so I've been cyclically told. Okay, okay, I'll fess up; I have a twosome of pairs of chromatic underclothing myself. So christen me volatile. I have red ones too. Do I wear a two of a kind for New Year's? I'll ne'er tell!

Be in no doubt to read "How to Use Three Potatoes and a Stuffed Dummy for Bringing in the New Year" for more striking Latin American New Year's duty. It's online at:

Happy New Year! ... and get that traveling bag out!



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