I sometime worked on a camaraderie funded by Pierre Lamond, seasoned Venture Capitalist at Sequoia Capital. During the interview, Pierre asked me, "How old is your father? What does he do? Is he retired?" I explained, that my begetter (in his decennary) is an entrepreneur, and will never retire, because he fixed has too copious holding that he requests to accomplish, and that he will die maddening to get finished as umpteen of them as possible, and not run out of holding to try. Pierre nodded and said, "I don't take in 50-year old executives who poverty to leap Golf all day."

I had other chat next to Jim Hogan of Telos Venture Partners ended tiffin one day on the aforesaid taxable. Jim said, "You know, once a man is successful, has made money, what he is looking for is his Legacy."

If you gawk in the region of Silicon Valley today, at hand are scores of executives and entrepreneurs who have been successful, made money, and are "waiting in the sidelines" sounding for the perfectly next possibility. VCs and Executive Recuiters conscript CEOs out of this cluster. More than of all time before, in attendance is a massive population of empire present in engineering next to anterior CEO experience, oodles of them dreaming of something really sizeable, high-impact, game-changing and acceptably fast-moving to get their juices liquid once more.

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The figure of the opportunities out there, however, are, for example, a CEO job at one of 600 Security companies, wherever the unsurpassable outlet one can probability for is decorous a facet in the bigger substance of a Symantec or a McAfee. Not appallingly inspiring, is it? Even though, there is a bit of investment to be made, it without a doubt doesn't suffice as a Legacy-building possibleness. Additionally, it's middling tedious to do the Nth gig in the selfsame straplike domain, even though the shibboleth in hiring is Domain Expertise. (I go out of my way, on a regular basis, to make wider the collection of domains that I get to play with, and that's what keeps me engaged, challenged, interested.)

So, what's the point? The barb is, you cannot deuced 50-year old executives for choosing to kick up your heels Golf or do Origami, complete running an incremental company in a area that they just know well, are tired by, and discovery in a positive way uninspiring. Anyone who has been a CEO, knows, that annoying to be one without leaky energy for the company is not property. And next to these trifling businesses, the CEO is efficaciously a authorised VP of Sales, other uninspiring weeny fact.

This is a investor and counter-intuitive point-of-view for VCs and Recruiters: Try to conscript tough CEOs to your likely firm by content them opportunities to swot up and germinate as well, a bit than honorable milking them for what they distribute to the array supported on their yore. Look for people's internal bushfire and capability to numeral holding out, and be unspoiled and creative, short person bordered in by a 25-year precedent in one narrow-minded area.

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