Total Optimizer Pro (T.O.P.) is a scrabble engine optimization software package programme that performs a careful investigating on any keyword open market. And even nevertheless it is an monstrous system of rules that does a lot of assessments, it is staggeringly somebody cozy so that even a new webmaster can swot up to use it speedily. Many new users have recovered this utensil to be expensive.

When you unseal up the system of rules you have 2 options.

* The first one asks what keywords you poverty to be on the top of the hunt engines for.

* The 2d one asks what URL(s) you poorness to price.

After you set this you are bestowed with a peak which will permit you to squeeze your first option by choosing which explore motor grades you deprivation to value.

You can:

* Choose to do a association better half scour and brainwave approaching knit partners near a stripped-down PageRank and/or next to consistent speech communication on the folio.

* Do the existent investigating and do a Backlink and Anchor Text Analysis (BATA) investigating of the keyword(s) or URL(s) you entered in the premiere surface.

Press a toggle and let the programme do all the employment.

When it is through with it will bequest you with your reports that verify merely just about everything about the URLs anyone assessed, whether it's the Top 10 for the keyword you entered or the thorough comparison of the URL(s) you entered. Now every detail something like this extraordinary marketplace is in a jiffy given to you.

* The page's PR

* The Alexa rank

* The name of the folio for respectively backlink

* The amount of links inform to it

* The cipher of incomparable domains linking to this page

* The PR of respectively backlink

* The hook manual of each backlink

* The primary keyword engrossment of the leaf for each backlink

* The IP computer code of the backlink

* and a ton of separate clever substance I use on a day-after-day foundation...

Then it provides you next to particularly nice restatement reports at the bottom showing you:

* The percentages for anchor schoolbook for the backlinks

* The digit multiple-linking IPs and triple linking domains

* And tells you whether this place is possible buying its backlinks or using a classical contact trade battle.

* And furthermost significantly is in reality tells you the steps you requirement to issue to get a top result for this keyword.



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