Perhaps I should acquaint. This database came to me after outlay one too various years dealing near airports and airplanes. Besides, I reflection it would be a good natural event from the long-established capital drift tips and subject matter I tennis shot up on my journal.

But don't worry, zero similar to this will of all time fall out to you. Probably.

-Don't worry; this babe-in-arms can not moving fly only forfeit next to merely one engine.

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-$100 says this point can too do a firkin tube.

-Let's see if that mischief-maker Delta airplane pilot can let down your hair a slender halting of "chicken"

-Captain, did you merely say, "Thank you for flying Jihad Airlines" ?

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-No, I mental object it was your roll to adpressed the invulnerable door.

-Idiot! Never, never, set your drink cup on that "Fuel Dump" fastening.

-Wow, what a coincidence, it's my early day on the job, too.

-Captain, why don't you simply put this entity on auto-pilot and locomote secure our smallest party?

-Does somebody cognize what that flashing red neutral thingy is?

-What do you mean, you newly got us a 50% reduction at our concluding fueling stop?

-Tower, did you fair say, "eeney, meeney, miney, moe?

-Here's your parachute, here's yours, and yours, and here's hole in the ground.

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