According to the article in the New England Journal of Medicine (Older age - not a obstructer to malignant tumor psychoanalysis. Vol: 345: 1128-1129. October 2001), much than fractional of all new cancers in the US come to pass in patients 65 age of age or senior. Similarly something like two thirds to iii ordinal of large intestine metastatic tumor cases fall out in this older age batch and iii fourths of them die of the illness. In other report, published in the very review (Vol: 345: 1091-1097), entitled: "A pooled analysis of appurtenant chemotherapy for resected colon cancer in aged patients" Dr. Daniel Sargent and colleagues analysed collection from 3,351 patients and compared the public presentation of patients in 4 disparate age groups. They ended that:

1. "Selected aged patients with colon malignant tumor can acquire the identical benefit" from therapy as their little counterparts.

2. The five-year general living was 71% for those who standard chemotherapy, and 64% for those who did not receive chemotherapy.

3. The deadly personal effects of the analysis were sickness or vomiting, diarrhea, rubor and leucopenia (i.e., threatening of light-colored bodily fluid cells). The venomous private property in those preceding 75 old age old were not redoubled compared to other age groups.

Question: The disproportion of benefits betwixt chemotherapy (5-FU leucovorin or 5-FU
levamisole) and no therapy was 7%. This talent of magnified aliveness comes next to unhealthful line-up personal effects. While the little patients strength be able to bear the tenderloin effects, I reason if the old would deprivation to go through with specified "sufferings." To the oncologists and researchers, the results were "statistically significant," but from the side of patients, I guess if it worthy it?

Theodore, J. I. & Lamont, E.B (in: Effectiveness of subsidiary fluorouracil in clinical practice: A population-based cohort sanctum of elderly patients beside phase III large intestine malignant neoplastic disease. J. of Clinical Oncology. October 2002. Vol: 20: 3992-3998) wrote:

"At 5 years, 52.7% of the elderly, segment III colon patients processed near accessory 5-FU were alive compared to individual 40.7% of those pure patients."

Questions: If you are old and had a surgery for your Stage 3 colon, but settled not to go for therapy - would you die shortly after that? The statement is NO. The facts of this investigation shows that you can motionless be vital after v old age even if you do not receive therapy. Think in the order of this carefully: for all 100 senior patients who are subjected to chemotherapy, solitary 12 of them will gain from the reporting. This effectuation that 88 senior patients have to hold out the tenderloin personal estate of chemotherapy and they do not skill from the attention.

Yang, T.S. and colleagues (in: Phase II survey of a weekly 8-hour 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin extract for patients beside precocious large intestine cancer: medicinal drug on the same wavelength reported to its toxicity. Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2001. Vol:31: 610-615) deliberate 26 patients with unresectable, metastastatic or local reiteration body part malignant tumor. Patients were burned with 5-FU leucovorin. The grades of their develop were:

1. The revise commenced in June 1998, but by December 2000, i.e., one and half years later, lone 3 patients were alive, consequence 23 of the 26 patients or 88% were late. They survived for 1.5 to 28.3 months (median continuation = 12.1 months).

2. The general life charge per unit was 53.8% after 1 year, and 11.5% after 2 eld.

3. The most frequent line-up private property notable were nausea, vomiting, symptom and mucositis.

4. Hand-foot syndrome occurred in 11.5% of patients.

5. Fatigue or asthenia occurred in 57.7% of patients.

6. The survey was over because the anticipated outcome charge per unit was not possible as expectable.

Questions: Do the results of this examination through with in Taipei, Taiwan, not imitate the torturesome experiences of maximum malignant neoplastic disease patients who had undergone chemotherapy? Are we ready-made to accept that chemotherapy is respectable for body part metastatic tumor once 88% were dead 1.5 time of life after undergoing chemotherapy?

I habitually speak about this to malignant tumor patients: How so much longest you in performance is not weighty. How you live patch viable is the core of the reason. What is the thorn of mortal alive once you have to pass best of your case active in and out of the clinic or imperishable the sideways private property of the treatment?



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