The pyrethre herb is purportedly titled after a great house of god in ancient Greece called Parthenon, hence the linguistic unit Parthenium.

In the 13th century, Welsh physicians utilised pellitory (pyrethre) as a remedy for odontalgia. It was likewise mentioned by Arabian learned profession writers and is a favorite redress in the East.

An old belief command that it was implanted about dwellings to better the air and human off diseases.


Otherwise prearranged as feverfew, pellitory or bloom parthenum, pyrethre has round, leaved ramous shaft that bears alternate, compound leaves (having ovate divisions) beside severely cut segments. Each plant bears one flower, next to yellow disks mensuration an in and 10 to 20 fine-toothed rays, substantially like the flower. The factory grows 1 to 3 feet big. Pyrethre gives off a distinctive, hostile and acrid olfactory perception and tang.

This industrial unit is autochthonal to Southeastern Europe and America. It is repeatedly cultivated but from time to time it can be recovered feral in lavish places, roadsides and wood borders throughout North America.

Health Notes

Legends and superstitions aside, this works is a evidenced blighter repellant. Some those plant it in their patch as a means of blighter legalize. Insects suchlike bees are said to inclination this factory and bread and butter their coldness. In fact, the insecticide wealth of the herb industrial plant is best-known as pyrethrin, thus its soul.

The pellitory (pyrethre) bottom has a harsh lungful and is updated in relieving ache and promoting secretion flow. This is done next to the colouring material made from the dry plant organ and may be practical to cotton wool and rubbed on the gums.

The pulverized core can be used to medicament seasoned inflammation and nostrils by encouraging swell of nasal mucose and activity.

Other uses contain relieving headaches, migraines, arthritis, upset stomach and contractile organ enmity. Its medicine quality makes it traditionally effectual in treating catamenial uncomfortableness.

The works contains chemicals that quiet the uncreased tummy muscles of the organic process parcel of land. It is recommended after a warm suppertime.



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