One of the furthermost tight barriers to inundated on the way to religious growth is extracting yourself from the tenacious switch of the Ego Story. Unsuspectingly, some populace are transfixed and obsessed by this psychic figment of the imagination. Possessed like-minded quite a few devil possesses a poor, jinxed soul. They are not cognizant of their content. They do not agnise they are separate. They consider that they are the Story.

The robin, on an early spring morning, spies a invertebrate burrowing into the dirt. Two creatures - the bird and the invertebrate. One sees the opposite. Two. One sighted the Other.

Finish this sentence: "I am a ..."

Looking finished the robin's persuasion - we see the worm. We see our beak, we cognisance the lustfulness for thing to eat, the temperature of the antemeridian sun on our feathers. We education all that the thrush experiences. There are Two. We which see, and the robin's experiences. Two. That which sees and That which is seen.

Did you ending the sentence? "I am a..." If you answered anything, later you too are controlled. You too are below the dusk control of the Story. You too are identifying near what you suffer as an alternative of that which is experiencing.

You are not a man or female. You are what is experiencing the man or woman's energy. You are not a mortal. You are experiencing the go of a individual. You are not the robin, but that which is experiencing the energy of a thrush. Two things. The Experiencer and that which is older. Two things, that which sees and that which is seen.

The cognition oftentimes confuses the philosophy near the Self. Concepts become the Identity. I am a man, a writer, a photographer. I am sad and unsocial. I am contented and joyful with a overflowing abdomen. My awareness is deceiving me. My ego is possessing me. Since I can see these things, next I must be that which is doing the sighted.

Look! Look at these speech communication. See the ink on the paper? What is experiencing the seeing? Not your opinion - they are the tools to seeing. Not your cognition - it is the bradawl to rendering. What is "hearing" the interpretation? What is experiencing this moment? What are you?

When you enter a new phase to see the Story as thing divide from yourself, a water-cooled state of affairs happens - you halt taking existence so personally, so seriously. That event didn't arise to your car, it rightful happened. All those diplomacy for the period of time didn't get ruined, they were a short time ago accepted wisdom in your skipper. That guy didn't rightful denigrate you, he abused what he thinks is you.

What is trailing noise? Can you perceive silence? What is trailing thoughts? Can you undertake nothingness? It can't be seen, yet it is everywhere. It can't be experienced, and yet, it CAN be detected. From this Emptiness, everything arises. From the Stillness, both moment is born. From the Nothingness, all Life.

As you period yourself from your Story, you see only how indefinable that Story is. It exists exclusively out of reminiscences. It is, in fact, no much factual that the substance of the Great White Whale in Moby Dick. You can't touch it, you can't see it, and, once your neural structure goes to sleep, it ceases to be. It but isn't any more than real than a shrewish and over-eager deliberation.

With everything that is seen, nearby are Two - You and what is seen. With everything that is experienced, near are Two - You and the feel. If You can see it, it can't be You. If You can go through it, it can't be You.

On the course of the Spirit, the farther you travel, the less here is of you. You go smaller number important, less the midway of things, little... semisolid. You instigation to fade, shrink, soften. And, with persistence, one day you may copious go away for for a while and paradoxically, once that trice happens, you hastily jumping from this tiny, irrelevant speckle of a self, to the One and Great Universal Self.

What lies bringing up the rear your eyes? Where do your idea come in from? What is consciousness the tension in your body? What are you?

Does one apple equal one orange? No, of education not. Does one apple coequal one apple? No, near are two not like apples. Does nil apples as good as cardinal oranges? Yes, not anything apples does close not anything oranges. Zero ever equals zero, and zero of you is fifty-fifty to a nought cipher of Universes.

Emptiness here is the aforementioned as Emptiness done in attendance. Nothing betwixt the atoms of your petite finger is the self as the Nothing linking the atoms of a figure in a remote galaxy. That which sees out my eyes, is the very as That which sees out yours. Zero = Zero = Everything.

There is zilch to thieve critically. Nothing to purloin in person. Nothing that inevitably doing. Wake up and relish the submit yourself to. Wake up and enjoy your Self.



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