"Life Stinks" is a solemn idealist drama starring, transcribed and orientated by Mel Brooks. The pic addresses the circulate of condition in a rather fun way. The acting is fairly humorous though by a long chalk of the picture is to some extent blue. Still I reflect on it's a excellent motion picture.

Goddard Bolt (Brooks) is the rich person CEO of Bolt Enterprises in Los Angeles. He is unmerciful toward broke people, golf stroke his income and company formerly their wants. Bolt campaign to put up Bolt Tower, a billion monetary unit project, in an LA slum, which would necessitate fierce descending the slum area and displacing its residents. Meanwhile, Vance Crasswell, different rich person who owns the slum, too wants to use it to assemble his own hang over. Crasswell ends up devising a bet with Bolt that if he can survive in the quarter for 30 life short any money or signifier of identification, he'll tender Bolt the lands. Bolt takes Crasswell up on his bet.

Life in the city district proves deeply challenging and mortifying for Bolt. For two life he is not sufficiently expert to net any notes or land nutrient or construction. Finally he meets an alluring junior stateless female titled Molly who tells him how to get to the mission, where he can get a liberate suppertime. There he meets and becomes friends near any other than derelicts, plus an old man named Sailor and a dark man called Fumes. Sailor gives him the description Pepto since he slept on a vessel of Pepto Bismol and the language unit Pepto got rubbed off on his external body part.

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Bolt only just manages to hold out for 30 life in the slum. He about gets killed by a mob of drug handling thugs and nigh loses the bet by circumstantially stepping out of the locality bound. As his 30 life runs up and it looks definite that he'll win the bet, Crasswell decides to impart Bolt by asking his professional links to contravene that the bet took stick and be paid it face like Bolt had had a concerned crumbling. Meanwhile, Bolt and Molly trip up in worship. They both go to his mansion, where on earth he is greeted by Crasswell as in good health as his professional person assistants, who renounce that the bet took place, whence Bolt and Molly are inhibited to return to the quarter.

Now Bolt starts to go silly. He diplomacy to kind a schedule of all his resources but fails. He ends up man taken into a badly-run condition clinic. A doctor of medicine location over and done with medicates him and he virtually dies, but Molly comes to coming together him and tells him that she loves him, which ends up solidifying him.

Back in the ghetto, Crasswell shows up with the media and a demolition crew, preparation to reduce the quarter. Bolt decides to be at odds him. Bolt operates a eating utensil lift, which he uses to conflict off Crasswell. Eventually he beats Crasswell and forces him to admit the bet. Bolt builds a large, churrigueresco federation for the stateless relatives in the vicinity and marries Molly.

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