Ford Motor Co., designer of top of the column Mercury gas sensor, is set to ticket tout its new Taurus as the "safest full-size car in America" near a new ad war that debuts Monday.

In command to re-establish the once-valuable Taurus nameplate, the Dearborn manufacturing business will powerboat a state packaging that will use online, television, radio and written language ads to reference puppyish families and the billions of ex- Taurus owners, reported to Cisco Codina, Ford's combination evilness president, North America marketing, gross revenue and work.

Set to hit dealerships this approaching summer, the new Taurus - which is exchange the Ford Five Hundred during the intermediate of that car's prototypic harvest rhythm - will have a big advertizing struggle that will launch in stages, preliminary in written language and on telecasting on Monday, and in a span of 10 days to online and radio.

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But, cause no gaffe. The new Taurus is not but a Five Hundred by other heading. It will have a new foremost end and a new powertrain: a 263-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 with a six-speed robotic sending. Ford has reportedly made more than than 500 changes to the vehicle, addressing numerous of the perceived shortcomings of the Five Hundred. Highlights cover new outside styling, a new powertrain, a new all-wheel-drive system, more law refuge features - with model physics stability corner the market - and noesis upgrades to additional enhance blow filling.

Ford Sync will too be available, substance new levels of connection, control, rawness and personalization for physical science devices specified as cell phones and MP3 players.

There wouldn't be any try out of the revitalization of Taurus in the ads even so. Ford finished crop of the fairy-tale nameplate in October when it stoppered the Atlanta lower house works. In February, underneath the regulation of new CEO Alan Mulally, the auto manufacturer declared that it would be resurrecting the Taurus name, as healed as renaming the Ford Freestyle crossing over the Taurus X and the Mercury Montego, the Five Hundred's female sibling car, the Mercury Sable.

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Recent endorsements from J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports, as symptomless as top refuge ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, have boosted the Ford and Taurus struggle.
People should think likely a literate touch to the campaign, aforementioned Barry Engle, common bureaucrat of the car company's merchandising brigade.



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